Saturday, December 29, 2007

I Have Seen His Hand

To some of you this might sound silly, but I truly believe that we were blessed by Heavenly Father last night. Dylan and I were travelling down President George Bush Turnpike on our way to the temple. Dylan was speeding as usual. And of course because its the weekend before News Years there were state police out catching speeders. Yes, we did get pulled over by a very nice State Trooper. We did get a ticket. So your saying how were you blessed? Well, before we left Dylan's store the conversation was, do we take the Corolla or the Suburban. (Dylan hates driving the Corolla) I said Corolla, because we get better gas mileage. Not remembering that the emissions inspection is like eight months expired in the Suburban. So after we got pulled over I was so thankful that we were not in the Suburban. I can't imagine what would have happened, we probably wouldn't have made it to the temple. I know that I was inspired to say that we should take the Corolla, because when we have gone before we went in the Suburban. Just one small way I feel that we were blessed.

note: for those of you thinking that we are terrible people for not having our emissions taken care of. It is a company vehicle and Dylan has taken it in twice to be taken care of and each time he's been told he has to buy new tires before they will pass him. He's been waiting to get the okay to buy new tires.

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