Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Heavenly Father Gives Us What We Need

A friend of mine has been trying to adopt through the foster system. Their family has been specifically praying for many months to be matched with a group of girls they fell in love with. My friend told her children this week that maybe they should not be praying specifically for these girls, but just to be praying to be matched with someone. She stopped by this evening and shared this with me. What faith they have. She also told me that they had just found out that they had been matched to a different group of children, that matched more closely with what they were looking for. All they had to do was just change their prayers in one small way.

This shows me that Heavenly Father knows what we need, and sometimes I think we have to learn how to understand his will and accept it. Once we do this all will fall into place.

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My name is Andrea said...

Very well put. I think we are lucky to have a Father in Heaven who ignores or demands for what we WANT and always gives us exactly what we need!