Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We Get To Choose

I love that Heavenly Father's Plan is that we get to choose. The beginning of this new year I am glad that I get to choose. Choose to continue in my state of misery and woe or change my life for better. Okay, I may not be in a state of misery and woe, but it sounded good. We all complain about resolutions and making them because they are never accomplished. Who chooses that? We choose to accomplish our goals or not. Being the person that I am I always have this strange prodding in myself that I need to do better. That is what I choose, to do better. I have so many area's of improvement. So many things to accomplish. I've wondered if I post them on a blog, or shout them from the rooftops would I feel more accountable. Probably not. In my rebellious heart I would more than likely be prone not to do it just to spite you all. Heaven forbid I let myself succeed. So, I know that I need to make specific goals, I feel that any improvement is better than staying in the same place or regressing each year. That is why I just want to do better.

Do better with:

Scripture Study
Being Healthy
Spending Time with my child
Temple Attendance
Having A baby --- I don't know if this is in my power anymore but I am sure I can do better
Nagging--- not being a better nagger, do less of it
Praising my husband
Family Home Evening
Our Finances/Living on a budget
Listening to the spirit
Watching tv
Being a friend

At the end of 2008, I want to look back on my list and say I did better. Even if I only lost one pound, or stopped watching one soap opera, or completed the Book of Mormon only one time. I will know that I have done better. No more thinking I have to be perfect. I know it's impossible. I know that Heavenly Father wants be to do my best and be trying with all my might, I would give nothing less, unfortunately I always expect so much more. So, enough with the crazy ramblings. I will do better. I have aired my dirty laundry. Now I'm going to try to climb over that pile.

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