Thursday, December 13, 2007

He Reaches Out Through Others

Tonight was craft night at my house. If you know me I stress out a week (if you ask my husband it's a month not a week)in advance getting ready for people to come to my house. So, as you can guess today I was a complete maniac.

But, I have the most wonderful visiting teacher in the whole world. She takes my child for me all the time. Sometimes I feel guilty, it's really hard to let other people serve me. Today, was such a blessing because after she took Claire I could take a shower and not worry about Vaseline. I could clean the garage and not worry about watching Claire get run over on her bike. I was able to get many things accomplished without feeling so stressed because I was multitasking.

My visiting teacher is so in tune with the Spirit. She always knows what I need. I am blessed.

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