Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Have Seen His Hand

With the coming of the new year, Dylan and I decided to cast out all that had gone wrong in 2008. Literally. We wrote each one down on a slip of paper and discussed them briefly and then threw them in the fireplace. As we began writing we both noticed how some of the hard things, or things that had gone wrong had indeed been blessings in our lives.

As we've struggled through the last year, especially with Dylan's job, we've both had the same feeling. The feeling is what we are going through is supposed to be happening and it will turn out to be a blessing to us. It's been so hard for me sometimes to have faith at look at things this way. Especially when it seems the whole world is against you and there is no end in sight. Taking a moment last night to look back, I realized how truly blessed I am.

My husband and I have overcome many things together our relationship couldn't be stronger. I am looking forward to this next year regardless of what it has to offer. I know that if we continue to do what is right our lives will be blessed.

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