Monday, January 26, 2009

He Humbles Us

A week ago, Sunday an anonymous gift was graciously left on our doorstep. Dylan and I were shocked and even stunned. I wish I could say that it was easy to recieve this gift-- but it was not. Because we both are prideful. Dylan was mad at me for blabbing about our situation. I was a little embarrassed too. In the midst of our prideful arguing-- I came to a realization and expressed it with Dylan. We needed to accept this act of service. We have served diligently and will continue to serve-- we love how we feel when we serve and we love knowing that we are also serving our Heavenly Father-- doing what He would have us do. Never before have we been in a situation where we have needed others to serve us-- accepting service is sometimes harder than giving it. Together we realized how we needed to allow others to serve us-- no matter how hard it might be.

This act of service was invaluable because as a result it made Dylan and I create a plan, and pray about our plan and what we want and need for our family. We attended the temple searching and praying for answers. We both walked away with the same answer and have found peace with our situation.

Thank you to whomever blessed our lives-- and what Dylan and I want more than anything is to be able to be in a position in the future to bless lives as you have blessed ours. Your gift meant more to us than you could ever know.

He answers our prayers, he humbles us when we won't listen and he loves us unconditionally-- these things I now with a surety.


Amanda said...

The generosity of ppl is amazing. I love reading your testimony.

The Moose said...

We have fairies in our neighborhood ... but I like to think of them more like angels. Sounds like an angel landed at your doorstep, and what a blessing that is. As difficult as it can be to accept gifts sometimes, I believe that the hole that you give out of is the hole that you receive through. If you chose to keep to yourself and hoard your blessings, then you will find it difficult to see blessings that are being thrown at you.