Tuesday, November 25, 2008

He Humbles Us

I've said it more than once in recent months-- I just wish this year would get over. We have had our share of tragedies and uncertainties this year. More importantly we have had our share of little miracles.

It's the hard times that really make you take a step back and realize all the things that you have taken for granted.

I am truly humbled and grateful for all that I have been blessed with.

The biggest blessing that my eyes have been opened too is my husband. Both of us have changed. Our first seven years of our marriage was filled with turmoil and bitter feelings. Without divulging all the personal gory details, I'll share my short synopsis. I was self -righteous and unforgiving, while Dylan struggled with personal issues. Instead of being supportive, I threw it in his face. It was depressing to me, I saw no light at the end of the tunnel. I talked to bishop after bishop seeking guidance, and I would be reminded that I married a good man who cared for me. This I knew was true, but I couldn't get past his stuff, that was keeping him from doing what I felt he should be doing.

Blah, blah, blah-- skip ahead to now-- Like a said we have faced so much as a couple in just this year alone, not to mention our entire marriage. Dylan has become the "glue of my earth." The man holds it all together for me. He has overcome his personal struggles that plagued me, and he has this spirit about him that calms me and blesses our home. When I'm flying off the handle, he grounds me and gives me comfort. His faith supersedes any I have seen.

For years, I am sad to say, I questioned the answer I received, when praying about getting married. This year has made me realize Heavenly Father truly knew what I needed. I needed this man, who would teach me the world is not about black and white. This life is about unconditional love regardless of our faults. This life is about faith, faith in God and faith in our fellow man.

I would not trade any of my experiences. I have learned so much and I am so thankful, for the humility I have gained. I know, that no matter how hard my life gets, I have my best friend to lean on, and even carry me through this storm. I am grateful I get to spend FOREVER with this man.

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shahna said...

My hubby is my BFF too. I can honestly say that there is NOONE I would rather spend my free time with or get advice from than Brent. I feel like he knows my heart and understands me better than I understand myself. You are a lucky girl and a great lady. I love your testimony blog.