Monday, September 29, 2008

He Blesses Us With Children

As we talked about Alma in family home evening tonight. Our four year old asked about the prophet Abinadi and what happened to him. We explained that a mean king burnt him and he died. Our four year old then said, oh I know that story and then the king got fired too--I mean burnt. Dylan and I both sat their with out mouths agape. We both knew that information did not come from us. I asked her where she learned it. She replied, in my book, let me show you. She then went upstairs to her bookshelf and retrieved the old copy of the Book of Mormon reader that we have. She quickly opened to the page and showed us the pictures. I was astounded. Here she is, unable to read, but fully able to grasp the concept of the story in just a few pictures.

I was quickly reminded of Shahna's talk in stake conference, that deeply pierced my heart. She spoke of teaching our children the scriptures. Not watered down stories, but the actual scriptures. She taught that even small children are able to understand and grasp the scriptures. Tonight we witnessed living proof of this concept. Now its time as parents we step up to the plate, its obvious Claire is ready and waiting for us.


Janette said...

What a sweet little smarty pants! I love this story!

Lisa said...

Wow. That would make me really cry... :)