Saturday, February 2, 2008

He Inspires Us Through Great Leaders

I watched President Hinckley's funeral today and was deeply moved. Moved to the point of tears, and to the point of wanting more for myself.

I have been going through the motions for so long, but not tuly investing myself in my spiritual growth. Just recently I have felt prompted that I needed more. . . more than I have been doing spiritually. I have this desire to do better, and feel like I am only getting worse and more lax in my spirituallity. For the last month I have tried to make a more concerted effort to work harder at the things I know I need to be doing, and Satan has done everything to keep me from moving forward.

As I listened and was reminded of this great man, and all that he did, I realized that he was just a man. I also realized that this is God's work and that with his help I can accomplish anything. I truly want more for me and my family. I have been lacking in faith. I am so grateful for the reminder that this is what I should be doing. That if I so desire to become a better person, that He will help me if I call on Him. I am so grateful for President Hinckley and his example. Because of him I want to be the best possible person that I can be.

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