Thursday, July 17, 2008

He Answers Our Prayers

I have had the chance to go out with the Sister Missionaries quite a few times lately. I love it!!! I wish I had time to go every day. Today while I was with them a prayer was answered in a mysterious way.

With Dylan's store not doing well and not knowing from one day to the next if we will have a job, I have been contemplating going back to teaching. In fact last Sunday, I was in the "I suck as a mom" mode and thought, Claire would probably be better off with someone else and I should go back to work. Quickly, a plan formed in my little pea brain. Everything seemed like it would work. Of course this whole little tangent occurred on the way to church. As I sat through church I was quickly reminded why I stay home. All those reasons I feel it important to stay home, especially that this will be my last year home with Claire. But, I still was thinking that going back to work still my be the right thing to do.

Fast forward to this morning. The missionaries called around nine to see if I would be able to go on a visit with them. Me, not having too many responsibilities had an open afternoon and I said that I would love to. I went and it was wonderful, the spirit was strong I got to bear testimony of Eternal Families. I then dropped the Sisters at their next appointment and went home.

An hour later I get a phone call from the Sisters asking if their keys were in my car and checked and they weren't. The sister's showed up on my doorstep second later to check. Nope, no car keys. So I offered to take them back to our original appointment, cause they couldn't get a hold of the gal by phone.

Long story short, the keys were there. Here's the kicker. While I am driving the Sisters back to their house, one of the Sisters is expressing her sincere appreciation for my help. And it hit my like a ton of bricks. This is why I stay home-- so I can serve.

Things are tight, there's no doubt about it. We have also not been living very frugally for the last little while. We need to make some sacrifices on our part. If I were working I would not only miss out on raising my daughter, but I would miss out on all the opportunities there are out there to serve others and build Heavenly Father's Kingdom. My mother has always been a great example of this.

I know that he loves us and will take care of us. I also know that I am here on this Earth to do His work. The Lord takes care of his people. I do have a testimony of that.


Janette said...

Dude. I didn't know that this was your blog ... I've seen it on your family blog, but I never knew it was yours. HA! I'm a nerd. I loved this story! HUGS!

shahna said...

Such a beautiful testimony! Sometimes I like to fantasize about what an easy life Adam and Eve had before that whole lone and dreary world thing! Life can be SO CHALLENGING AT TIMES! UUUGGGGHHH! Hang in there kiddo. I just can bear personal testimony that everything tastes so much sweeter to me once my mouth has tasted the bitter for a time. I also know that Heavenly Father walks us through these trials in the form of daily "tender mercies". Read that talk(search: tender mercies- I think it is Elder Bednar) on next time you need a quick pick me up. I know He loves you, Sarah. He is watching over you too.

Chella said...

Claire will be a better person for you staying home and this financial thing will pass!

Janie said...

I go through this battle too - I feel like I was blessed to choose a great degree where I know I could walk out the door and make good money. And then I feel 10 times more guilty when I begrudge what I do at home. But I know this is where I belong! I loved your testimony of it though - summed up many reasons that I overlook!

Jessica said...

Sarah, You are such a great inspiration and you have been sense I have known you. Thank you for sharing this other blog with me.