Monday, March 31, 2008

He Inspires Us

The last few days I feel I have been inspired by my Heavenly Father.

1. I met with the Bishop yesterday for my temple recommend interview. After talking with him I walked away with a renewed faith and inspiration that my Heavenly Father really does know me, and recognizes how hard I work to do what is right.

2. We had the opportunity to see Gladys Knight and her SUV choir last night. I was so INSPIRED. Her testimony and her husbands were beautiful and the music was amazing. We are so blessed to have great music in our lives.

3. I have been really struggling to find my place in my calling. There are many factors here, and I have just been frustrated. Today, as I was fuming about it I prayed to know what to do. It was amazing the peace and comfort I felt after that. The thoughts and quotes and scripture that came to mind. Heavenly Father knows the intent of my heart, I want to serve him. He inspired me to know what to do and the appropriate way to do it.

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david santos said...

Hello, Sarah!
Thanks for your posting.
I loved this blog.